Joelyn & Law Casa Del Mar Langkawi Proposal

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Welcome to our very first blog post, where we will document all of our wedding events experience.

Law from Penang have been dating with Joelyn for almost 9 years and he decided to propose to her, he came to us for help on planning his proposal to his girlfriend Joelyn, and he had proposed a few ideas proposing while having parasailing or at the langkawi sky bridge, but due to the terrible hazy we could only do a surprise romantic set up dinner for both of them and following by a proposal.

We laid eyes on Casa del Mar and instantly we know this is a best location to have his proposal. romantic set up by the beach enjoying the ocean view while having wine and enjoying good food.

Law’s girlfriend not knowing anything as she though that Law have just arranged a romantic dinner for 2, a get away from the busy city of Penang to kick back and relax. We arranged a photographer to paparazzi the whole process >.< ending with a surprise proposal she said YES! we have also arranged a fire show to end the night!!

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Once again we would like to congrats to the newly engagement!!

for inquiry you could contact us at

Together, we make memories

Proposal venue: Casa del Mar

Wedding Planner & Decorations: Hanngevent Team

Photography: Imagine-In Langkawi

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