Ashish & Pooja’s Gorgeous Mehendi + Sangeet and Wedding Reception at The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa

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The wedding celebration was filled with beautiful décor and dazzling imagery – so beautifully done that we’ve decided to feature it in a series of blog posts!

The stunning outdoor wedding ceremony features one of the most incredible mandap we have seen so far. It all started from the first day, a Welcome Dinner was hosted for their guest and by the second day; they had their Mehndi Lunch and colourful Sangeet night party. On the following third day, the Wedding Ceremony & Dinner (a full day vegetarian) was held. Where as on the 4th day which calls for the last day of this memorable ceremony, they ended with a bang of Pre Dinner Cocktail and Wedding Reception.

This incredibly perfect couple knew that the picturesque Westin Langkawi is the place they will end up tying the knot, as soon as they saw it. And, true enough, this great setting end up being the witness to their luscious 4 days wedding celebration.

The outdoor and indoor celebrations, filled with lush florals, artsy DIY elements and gorgeous outfits, donned by the bride and groom’s most intimate family members and friends, this is the type of destination wedding that the team are truly excited and blessed to be part of.


With a very vibrant theme colour, the Mehndi lunch party was held at Tide Restaurant, giving shades and hats out to their guest.

IMG_2015-11-02 18:26:51 IMG_2015-11-02 18:27:01 IMG_2015-11-02 18:27:09 IMG_2015-11-02 18:45:52 IMG_2015-11-02 18:27:17 IMG_2015-11-02 18:46:25IMG_2015-11-02 18:46:54 IMG_2015-11-02 18:46:33 IMG_2015-11-02 18:46:46 IMG_2015-11-02 18:27:26 IMG_2015-11-02 18:27:45

IMG_2015-11-02 18:44:34 IMG_2015-11-02 18:44:49 IMG_2015-11-02 18:45:38


Stunning and colourful wall drapes, together with the couples customize LOGO gobo head being projected, automatically brightens up the already so polished Westin Langkawi Ballroom, and we instantly know that we have to dress up for the party as well! Ashish & Pooja’s are a pair who love their music very much. So much so, that for their wedding favours, their favourite English mix, Sun-Geet mix and Sun-Geet Classics CD’s were given out.

Colourful peacock/arabic jars theme for their table centre pieces, with red and green diamond beads, enhanced with the softness of Baby’s Breath and bright orange, pink Gerbera. Emerald green peacock napkin set up and great lighting keep everyone on their feet.

The bride Pooja made her entrance alone without the guest knowing, while “DJ Ashish” spins the music during her entrance.

    IMG_2015-11-02 18:44:19 IMG_2015-11-02 18:28:38

 IMG_2015-11-02 18:28:46 IMG_2015-11-02 18:28:55 IMG_2015-11-02 18:29:03 IMG_2015-11-02 18:29:23

  IMG_2015-11-02 18:29:30 IMG_2015-11-02 18:30:17 IMG_2015-11-02 18:29:48

Ashish and Pooja’s Mandap Murat

IMG_2015-11-02 20:55:34 IMG_2015-11-02 20:55:52

IMG_2015-11-02 20:55:47 IMG_2015-11-02 20:55:41

Ashish & Pooja’s Wedding Ceremony

A little guide that was provided by the couple to explain on what is going on during the Ceremony.

The hindu wedding ceremony has evolved from Vedic period in India between 1500 and 1000bc The core of the ceremony contains several elements from that era. The majority of the ceremony will take place in the Mandap that’s the four pillar structure ahead of them! their priest will be chanting mantras, in the holy language Sanskrit, throughout the ceremony, bringing solemnity and significance to the proceedings.

IMG_2015-11-02 18:41:14  IMG_2015-11-02 18:42:39 IMG_2015-11-02 18:42:16 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:38 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:30 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:23 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:14 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:05 IMG_2015-11-02 18:42:55

IMG_2015-11-02 18:30:39 IMG_2015-11-02 18:40:57 IMG_2015-11-02 18:41:05 IMG_2015-11-02 18:43:55 IMG_2015-11-02 18:44:06 IMG_2015-11-02 20:56:17 IMG_2015-11-02 20:56:11 IMG_2015-11-02 18:42:25 IMG_2015-11-02 18:41:43 IMG_2015-11-02 18:42:01

Ashish & Pooja’s Last day Wedding Reception

 The evening started of with Pre Dinner Cocktail and followed by the Wedding Reception. Pioneer Wedding & JC Studio film did not miss a great opportunity to capture the perfect moment of the beautiful couple during sunset.

and because both, Ashish & Pooja are big fans of Manchester United they decided to add some elements of this great football club into their wonderful evening. They used Manchester United jersey as their table number and also a Manchester United jersey to replace their guest book , we also add in a little touch of Halloween, cause it was held on Halloween night! Elegant White drapes and pink hydrangea with tree brunches, crystal beads and fairy lights are used as their centre pieces. Adding on seashell napkin rings and small elephant card holder as their wedding favours.

IMG_2015-11-02 18:53:56 IMG_2015-11-02 18:53:51 IMG_2015-11-02 18:53:44 IMG_2015-11-02 18:53:38 IMG_2015-11-02 18:52:16 IMG_2015-11-02 18:52:00 IMG_2015-11-02 18:51:52 IMG_2015-11-02 18:51:44 IMG_2015-11-02 18:51:11 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:59 IMG_2015-11-02 18:49:38 IMG_2015-11-02 18:49:32 IMG_2015-11-02 18:49:25 IMG_2015-11-02 18:49:08 IMG_2015-11-02 18:48:19 IMG_2015-11-02 18:48:00 IMG_2015-11-02 18:47:41 IMG_2015-11-02 18:47:28 IMG_2015-11-02 18:49:48 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:07 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:13 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:27 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:33 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:46 IMG_2015-11-02 18:50:39

and the party went on till 6am!

We would like to make a shout out, and thank you to all the vendors that were there to make this 4 days event a success!

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Together, we make memories!

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Wedding Venue: The Westin Resort & Spa Langkawi

Wedding Planner & Decorations: Hanngevent Team

Photography: Pioneer Wedding

Videographer: JC Studio Film

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